We’re proud to offer a full range of government and business relations services to our clients and partners. We also provide services in two specialty areas: professional regulation and association management.

All services can be tailored and customized to fit your unique needs. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help create opportunities for you. Our services include:

Legislative & Government Relations

Lobbying and Advocacy

Our team has over 40 years of experience creating and executing effective legislative and regulatory strategies directed at lawmakers from inside and outside the building. Not only are we your eyes and ears, but we’ll also speak directly on your behalf ensuring that your positions are front and center with top decision makers and leaders.

Monitoring and Reporting

Things move quickly during the legislative and regulatory processes, and you need a professional team that knows what’s happening, the moment it happens. We can monitor all committee meetings and public hearings for you and will report back  to you when something shifts. You can choose the frequency of our communications together, such as daily or weekly reporting. And we also offer a customized, weekly electronic round-up of all relevant bills on your issues, with links to the most current drafts, so you always know the status of your bills.

Guidance, Training, and Political Support

Our team will provide you with expert advice on testimony before legislative committee hearings, and assist your allies to successfully testify on your behalf. We’ll also provide you with in-depth background on committee members and the executive branch to ensure you’re fully prepared before any meeting or hearing. We will advise you on the key message points to make for various audiences.

Advice and Counsel on Public Messaging

We can work with your public relations team or one of our strategic allies to ensure that relevant, effective messaging is created in support of your legislative goals. Whether amending legislation to address unintended consequences, defeating harmful legislation, or proactively pursuing legislative and regulatory relief, we can ensure our clients are well positioned in all debates.

Relationship-Building with Lawmakers

As successful participants in the Vermont legislative process for over 40 years, we maintain close working relationships with statewide elected officials, state legislators, and the executive branch. We can help to coordinate meetings between you and important decision-makers and help prepare you for these meetings.